On a lazy Sunday, what do you do?

You sleep, eat and watch series. Well, that was my plan until I came to know about this amazing Flea market called “Ravivari”.


So far, whatever Flea market I had attended had been the classic “Page 3” Flea market where everything is expensive with zero scope to bargain, hosted in some elite location. Well, this one was a completely different experience.DSC_0009.JPG

This Flea market takes place every Sunday under the famous Ellis Bridge near the Bhadra Fort. You get a glimpse of the hustle and bustle as soon as you go down under the bridge. The lane on the roadside is crowded with people with thelas and baskets. It reminded me of the busy lanes of Aminabad in Lucknow but on a larger scale. My expectation hence was to see something like Aminabad market with clothes, cutlery, jewelry and other regular stuff, but I was soon to be proven wrong.dsc_0874

We passed the roadside lane and entered into some sort of ground, the first thing we saw were pets. There were animals and birds ranging from rabbits to parrots. I would not say it was a pleasant sight as I am against the idea of caging animals. So, I passed it as soon as I could.dsc_0670

This was followed by a series of shops with broken furnitures, there were broken doors and windows that were super old. Some of them were more than 10 years old. I wondered what do people do with all these, but I guess, creativity can make use of anything. So, I moved ahead.dsc_0798

We explored the market and it kept on surprising us. From 50 year old cameras to chandeliers, lamps, bottles, antique items, clothes, everything here was rustic and beautiful.

Soon the weather of Ahmedabad had started to take a toll and then we decided to stop and take a sip of some Nimbu Pani. It was a great relief after a tiring walk.


By now, I thought we were done with the market, but I was wrong again. I realized, we had barely seen half of it.

Moving forwardsc_0801d, we found book markets with story books, magazines, novels, etc. Again, some books were worth adding to my collection, but then my pocket allowed me to buy only a few. This was followed by the utensils market where we bought some shot glasses. It’s kind of funny to buy Shot Glasses in Ahmedabad though.


I still wanted to stay there and click a few more pictures, but my body had given up. We had been in the market for a good 5 hours and yet there was something left to explore. Well, I guess, this is a sign for me to come back again.


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