Home bound heart

I was very excited this time to come home. The reasons were quite different: a) I was a bit homesick and b) I was finally going to visit Kathmandu this time. Yes, I have never been there. It might sound a little weird taking into account that it is my country but then somehow while I was growing up I never really had the chance to go there. So this time, I was really looking forward to it.

Three of my best friends who have been with me since grade 1 are settled there, so it was going to be quite amazing as this would be the first time we would hang out together with no time limits to reach home. But I guess, my happiness was too much for the world to take so due to some unforeseen events 2 of them were busy with their issues and hence my plan to visit had taken a toss.

So, I came home a little disappointed as I was planning this trip for over 4 months now. And as they say, family is the one that faces all the demons chained in your soul, my family fell a victim to that. This whole fiasco made me realize that me going to Kathmandu is independent of people, the person who is to make the decision is me. If I reach there and I am able to meet my friends for even an hour that would be enough. I am old enough to explore the place on my own now. Thanks to my sister who made me realize that and she booked my tickets too! I am really lucky to have her.

I have always wanted to go to Kathmandu, the reason is not just going and visiting the place but  trying to live that era that defined the major historical events in the counry. It is also the best place to experience the Nepalese culture in its full form. There is a lot more to be done and explored but for now,  I was finally going to Kathmandu. It’s like a childhood dream come true and I couldn’t be more excited.


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