Kathmandu Episode 1

So here I was, at the Nepalgunj airport. It was 8:30 a.m and my flight was already late by an hour. This was quite an experience to be here. Unlike all the airports that I have been so far, this was very different. There were people carrying metal boxes, sacks of things and humongous bags that were supposed to go through the security and yet it happened so smoothly.  I have never seen any security personnel so chilled  and helpful in my life. I think this is true for all the small airports in the world. This one was my favourite.

The best part was getting in the flight and leaving. It was like, the flight reached and stopped right in front of the waiting room and people already on the flight started getting out.

Flight to Kathmandu!

As soon as the last one moved out, we were allowed to go in. People could actually come and drop their relatives to the plane! How cool is that? After the arrival of the flight in Nepalgunj, we left in just half an hour. Can you believe that? The highlight for me was seeing the Lady pilot. She kind of reminded me of my dream to become a pilot when I was a child.

View at the airport

Anyways, the flight took off. It would be an hour before I reached Kathmandu. So I took my book and got lost in the courtroom scene of “The Outsider”.

How it reminds me of my childhood!

After a few minutes when I lifted my head, I saw  one of the most spectacular views of my life. It was a series of snow peaked mountains amidst the array of clouds. I had never seen anything like that. It was like 15,000 ft above the ground and I could see mountains and clouds. Beautiful!


After that like a child on a window I was stuck to the views until we reached Kathmandu and man, you should see the valley from the top! What a sight!

It had just rained in the morning so the greenery was like a Windows 98 wallpaper! I wish my camera could capture it the way my eyes saw it but it has it’s own limitations.

Valley from the top!

Finally after an hour of just sticking my head to the window, I finally landed in Kathmandu. The temperature was 15 degrees.

Landing at Tribhuvan International Airport. Finally!

And my airport journey ended with sharing a bus ride with my fellow passengers who didn’t look like a bunch of strangers to each other.  I think it’s true for all the Nepalese citizens. We don’t really feel the need of building walls around us.  What a place Nepal! You keep amazing me always!


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